Are You Hosting A Fourth Of July Party?

5 April 2018
 Categories: Food & Cooking, Blog


Are you hosting a party to celebrate the Fourth of July? Even though summer hasn't really officially arrived, if you are the kind of person who likes to plan early, you're right on target. From sending out clever invitations to arranging for party catering, here are some ideas that might help you to plan a celebration that your friends and your family members will enjoy.

The Invitations - They should be red, white and blue, of course! Consider sending handmade invitations that have the American flag as part of the design. Another idea is to create a depiction of Uncle Sam for the front of the invitation and words like Come Join The Celebration Of Our Country! under Uncle Sam's likeness. Be sure to include the type of dress your guests should wear. For example, if you are hosting a rather formal event, you will want to ask for Dinner Attire. If the celebration includes an outdoor barbecue, you'll more than likely want to add Casual Dress to the invitation. And, don't forget to ask for RSVPs so you'll know about how many people will attend your Fourth of July celebration. If you are aware that your address doesn't appear on GPS, it would be thoughtful to include simple directions on how to arrive at your home. 

The Food - Have your party catered! You'll be busy enough with setting up decorations and getting your house ready for your guests. So, doesn't it make sense that caterers will prepare and serve the meal you have planned? Consider asking the caterers from companies like Marians Island Wide Catering for suggestions on food they have served in the past that has been well received by clients. You could take the celebration a step further by having a luau. After all, Hawaii is part of the great United States!

If you do decide to have the meal catered, be sure to let the catering company know how many guests will be attending your party. Tell the company, too, at exactly what time you want the food to be served. The workers will arrive at your function in plenty of time to set things up, and they will stay until all the guests have been fed and until all the cleanup has been accomplished.

Taking care of these aspects early can allow you to focus on the entertainment. Think of asking somebody to be in charge of a fireworks display. Or, keep things very simple and give everybody sparklers to end your Fourth of July celebration in a memorable way.