Three Necessary Products For A Hip, Organic Bakery

11 May 2017
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Building up a popular bakery means that your store needs to have a nice aura and delicious products. Those who enjoy organic food, as well as those who are newly interested in healthy eating are likely to check out your bakery. If you want to start up a hip, organic bakery, here are a few products that you should offer that will drive your organic bakery profits and popularity through the roof. 

Organic sandwich bar

Being able to prepare a nice sandwich is one of the best reasons to go into an organic bakery. Along with organic bread, you will need to carry organic vegetables, organic farm raised meat, and several types of organic cheese. Allow the customers order the organic bread and meat from behind the counter, then give them a plate to select the rest of their fixings at the public sandwich bar. Being able to have a nice, leisurely organic lunch with friends will make your organic bakery a big hit as a lunch time hangout spot.

Serve organic coffee and liquors

For your refreshments, sticking with an organic theme does not mean limited choices. If you wish for your organic bakery to become a hangout spot, serving a variety of refreshments will attract a variety of customers. Two organic items that will become popular are organic coffees and organic liquors. You can serve the organic coffee during the morning and reserve the organic wine and liquor for lunch and dinner time. If you serve lunch and dinner plates, offer glasses of wine or mixed drinks of the day in order to try. Remember to have organic creamer and raw sugars and sweeteners for the coffee bar. 

Organic desserts kits

Many people come to bakeries in order to pick up a dessert. Your bakery should host a variety of all natural desserts, such as cinnamon rolls, cupcakes, organic chocolate treats, and cakes of many types. Along with allowing your customers to have their own dessert in store, you can offer dessert kits to take home. These kits can consist of the organic bread product, plus the fixings, including frosting mix, all natural sprinkles, and chocolate dip. Being able to heat up or create a small, organic dessert at home will make your customers feel better about enjoying more desserts. This can also make your dessert products more popular, leading to heavier distribution and sales of your organic desserts.