Adult Easter Baskets: Easy Options For Coffee Lovers

6 March 2017
 Categories: Food & Cooking, Articles


Giving a special Easter basket for the holiday is not just about children. Many adults chose to give Easter baskets to each other so they can celebrate the holidays together and have some special gifts to give. Unlike the candy and toys that children get for the holiday, adults need a more mature theme that can help fill their baskets. A common theme that many adults will enjoy is coffee. A coffee-themed Easter basket can be filled with all types of gifts. Finding a variety of options will make it easy for your basket to stand out and become a great Easter gift. 

Coffee K-Cups

A lot of modern coffee brewers have replaced the traditional filter with the K-cup. The K-Cup makes a great Easter basket present that can replace the look of an egg by filling the whole basket with small pods. If you're looking for colorful K-cup options, then you can choose various designs from Donut Shop K Cups. These coffee pods come in a variety of flavors and designs that have a retro appeal to them. The top covers of the K-pods feature pastel colors that fit really well with the Easter theme. You can purchase a variety pack of the K-cups to mix up the colors or select a single flavor that the person in your life enjoys. Once you get the pack, you should open it up and spread it out among an Easter basket design. The K-cups will look great when stacked among fake plastic grass and can be arranged in a variety of ways to showcase the top label design.

Coffee Gift Cards

Another great way to fill a small Easter basket is with coffee gift cards. You can purchase gift cards to their favorite coffee shop or buy a gift card for them to shop for K-cup packages. When displaying the gift cards inside of the Easter basket, there are multiple ways you can make the design look nice. One idea is to purchase an oversized Easter egg. The larger egg can be opened so that you just use the bottom half to hold the gift card in. You also have the option of encasing the whole gift card inside of the plastic egg. This allows the person to get surprised when they get the basket. They won't know what kind of gift card is inside until they open up the egg.

Accessories in Coffee Filter Nests

A traditional coffee filter acts as an ideal liner for a small Easter basket. The filter can not only add a fun design to the basket, but it can be used to hold a number of coffee accessories. You can use it to hold sweeteners and sugar packets. You can also use it to old non-dairy creamer if the person prefers it. Other accessories you can purchase includes stirring sticks or coasters.

Special Coffee Mug

As you design an Easter basket, you will want something to be the centerpiece. For a coffee theme, a mug makes the ideal centerpiece. You have multiple options when choosing a mug. You can keep it simple and go with an Easter theme. If the person is a sports fan, then you can purchase a number of mugs featuring team logos, colors, and designs. A number of other mugs also feature pop-culture designs. This includes movies, television shows, and superheroes. If you want to personalize the basket even more, then you have the option of adding a custom mug to the collection. You can have a photo mug made, a mug with custom text, or a mix of both.

Planning a few weeks ahead of time will help you select the best options for the basket design. If it goes over well, it can become an annual tradition for you and your loved one.