Are You Interested In Cooking With Hatch Chiles?

27 March 2020
 Categories: Food & Cooking, Blog


Did you recently visit New Mexico and eat truly delicious Mexican food? Maybe that was your first time tasting the famous Hatch chiles and now you're wanting more and more of them. In addition, you might be wanting to try them in different recipes. Read on for some ideas that might help you to fall in love with Hatch chiles even more. 

Your grocery store might not carry Hatch chiles. No problem. Just order them from a Hatch chile supplier and they'll be delivered right to your address. The great thing about Hatch chiles is that they are very affordable and extremely versatile. 

Mild, Medium and Hot - Think of ordering several jars of all three varieties. The mild chiles will be perfect for those who shy away from hot foods. They add flavor and a kick to food, but no real heat. Jars of the medium variety are perfect for those who are a bit on the border, not sure whether they want a really hot experience, or a safer mild one. If you have friends and family members who are brave enough to eat really spicy foods, be sure to get enough of the jars that are labeled with the warning, Hot.

Be Creative - If you did eat Hatch chiles while in New Mexico, you might have had a green chile hamburger. That's so easy to do in your own kitchen. Just prepare your hamburgers the way you usually do, and let folks add the chiles themselves. Guacamole on the hamburger will make it even more delicious.

Something super easy and very good to eat is a sandwich made of cream cheese and mild green chiles. Make little finger sandwiches for a lady's luncheon or put the cream cheese-chile mixture on a hoagie bun along with cold cuts and cheese. 

Do you have apple jelly in your pantry? Add some chopped green chiles, mix the two ingredients together and use the combination as a topping for fruit sherbet. Those who taste this concoction will think you slaved over this special dessert. 

Gift Boxes - Share the wealth! With Mother's Day and Father's Day coming up, ask your Hatch Chile supplier to send gift boxes to those on your gift list. Choose a gift box that has all three levels of heat in jars that will be well marked with the place of their origin — Hatch, New Mexico.