5 Thoughtful Gift Ideas For Coffee Lovers

28 April 2017
 Categories: Food & Cooking, Blog


Choosing a coffee-themed gift for a loved one who is obsessed with coffee will make their coffee habit even more enjoyable and even help them save money by encouraging them to drink more of their morning java at home. Even better, every time your loved one uses one of the coffee-related gifts on this list during their morning joe ritual, they will think of you:

At-Home Espresso Coffee Machine

An at-home espresso machine is incredibly thoughtful because it means your loved one will be able to whip up an espresso, latte, mocha, or cappuccino any time they'd like. Newer pod-based espresso machines make at-home espresso even more convenient while still delivering amazing espresso flavor. Make sure to keep their kitchen in mind when choosing the right model, looking for something that will complement the design of their kitchen and easily fit on their counter.

Coffee Subscription

The subscription box craze has now extended to the world of coffee, with companies offering a variety of coffee and espresso delivered right to your loved one's door on a monthly basis. They will love discovering new coffee flavors and regions without even having to leave their home.

Milk Frother

A milk frother is the perfect accessory for an at-home espresso machine. Being able to quickly and easily warm and froth milk to the right consistency will make all of their coffee and espresso-based drinks serious barista quality.

Nice Coffee Mugs

A couple of well-designed, high quality coffee mugs will make your loved one's morning ritual more enjoyable. If they are using old, chipped mugs or flimsy mugs that came with their set of dishes, having a pair of dedicated mugs just for coffee will make their coffee habit feel more special. Look for sturdy mugs with easy to grip handles, and make sure they are both microwave and dishwasher safe for the most convenience. Looking for mugs in attractive colors and patterns that complement your loved one's kitchen decor is even more thoughtful. 

Coffee-Scented Candles

Coffee-scented candles will remind your loved one of their favorite morning ritual even when it's too late in the day to drink coffee. Candles that feature a coffee scent blended with something sweeter like hazelnut, caramel, or vanilla will make their entire home smell enticing and delicious.

By surprising your coffee-loving significant other, friend, or family member with one of these gifts you will be showing that you care and notice their interests and preferences. For more information, contact a business such as Koolatron Corp.